By Kylie Caraway & Emma Brito
Written in the Stars. Interactive Installation, 2017.
Created using P5.JS, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,
After Effects, & Cyberduck.
Exhibited at OCADU's 2018 Open Show.

Written in the Stars operates like a digital puzzle that requires teamwork between 20 participants and their phone screens in order to view the entire night sky. It begins with a physical printed map of the sky with the constellations’ names, but is void of their images. To see a constellation, participants must go online on their phone, click on a link for a specific constellation, and then raise and tilt their phones slightly, as though they are viewing the sky through their phone. Once the phone is tilted to a specific degree, the image of the constellation will appear. In order to see all 20 constellations at once, there must be 20 people participating in order to piece the map and its proper constellations together.

The fact that each screen only displays one constellation  at a time is an important feature. When used alone, the screen only offers a small fragment of the night sky that is visible. This means that the screens, and the people holding them, are reliant on the interaction with others in order to complete the puzzle and entire image of the night sky.