• Kylie Blair

Project Roadmaps

In this blog post, I will create a rough outline of tasks I would like to achieve as I approach my thesis defense. This roadmap will help me analyze what I believe is achievable or what I realize is beyond the scope of this project. It will also help me set smaller goals for myself as I build up to my final thesis presentation.

Project Roadmap

August 9th to August 14th:

-Thesis proposal 2.0 for Thesis 1

August 9th to September 5th:

- Finish readings recommended by Professor Ji, Professor Westecott, and Professor McIntosh, as well as my own readings.

- Purchase new computer and software needed for thesis.

- Look into photogrammetry/ try photogrammetry.

- Outline thesis project (user flow, mechanics, dynamics, aesthetics, software needed, hardware needed, user testing, scripts, overall themes, audio, how this work is disseminated once finished, installation).

- Work on context review.

-Reach out to people involved in Sequoia national Park, Redwood and Sequoia Conservancy, etc.)

Wednesday September 5th - September 12th. Beginning of Fall Semester:

-Begin Research Ethics Board Proposal.

-Begin learning 360 camera hardware and software.

-Inquire with CFC about borrowing their 360 camera.

- Begin outline of thesis document (abstract, context review, methodologies, methods, theoretical framework, etc.).

September 12th - 19th:

- Submit Research Ethics Board Proposal.

-Continue 360 film tutorials.

- Begin Maya and Unity work.

September 19th - 26th:

- Finalize thesis project and thesis document outlines with Professor Ji. This includes solidifying my research questions, methodologies and methods, and theoretical framework.

-Continue Maya and Unity work and 360 film tutorials.


- Create thesis proposal for Colloquia.

- Colloquia.

October 8th - October 12th:

- Study Week. No classes.

-Continue production and written work.

End of October, beginning of November:

- Go to California and film/interview Sequoia national park (pending based on a response from someone at Sequoia National Park; also pending dates based on wildfires at the moment).

- Edit film and audio.

End of November to end of December:

- Work on thesis document.

- Work on Maya and Unity file.

-Compile 360 film and Unity into one project for a rough flow.

Tuesday, December 4th:

-End of Fall Semester classes.

Monday, January 7th:

-Beginning of Winter Semester.


- Submit first draft of thesis document.

- Continue working on thesis project.

- Begin work on audio.

February 19th to February 22nd:

-Study week. No classes.

End of February:

- Finish thesis project, and meet with primary and secondary advisors to see areas to change/adjust.


- Submit final draft of thesis document.

-Submit final thesis piece.

- Begin installation design of thesis project.

April 1st:

- Finished thesis project, thesis paper, and installation of thesis project.

- Thesis defense and thesis exhibition.

Friday, April 5th:

-End of Winter term classes.

April 23rd:

- End of Winter term.

End of April to May:

- Finish thesis revisions, if required.



As I look back on this outline, I realize that interviewing in late October, early November gives me a bit of anxiety, because it seems like it might be late for my thesis. I am hoping I can move this interview session closer based on the Colloquia schedule. I also hope that either I will not need REB approval to interview Sequoia national park employees or that the REB process will move quickly.

Otherwise, I think this outline helps me see what steps I want to take each month. I would like to complete my thesis project around the end of February so that I have plenty of time to make adjustments, fix bug issues, and receive feedback from my advisors. I think it's important for me to leave plenty of time open at the end, because in the past I have come up against due dates and unexpected bug issues that have been difficult to work around and have resulted in copious amounts of stress and late nights. I'd like to minimize this as much as possible.

I also believe that researching 360 film and how its workflow operates is important to the schedule of my thesis, so I will be discussing this aspect with Professor Ji, CFC, and Professor Westecott to see how it fits with my proposed thesis project.